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Updated May 2013

Sorry this site has not been updated lately, the reason being that I now sell very few new titles although I do still select the worthy few. I now mostly deal in older and higher value books. Still, don't hesitate to ask if there is something special you need in new releases...

And please visit my blog for the odd piece that may or may not amuse!!!

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Only Paypal now accepted if ordering from this site. Please use my listing on ABE if you wish to pay by any other credit card.

Thank You.


Orders now being taken for FIRE ON THE VELDT the new Fonthill novel due in April by John Wilcox. Books will be signed, lined, numbered and dated as usual.

IN STOCK:Geraldine McCaugran The Death Defying Pepper Roux signed 1 0nly left £10

IN STOCK: THE LION AT BAY signed and doodled by the author £16

IN STOCK: Lindsey Davis MASTER OF GOD signed £19

IN STOCK:Simon Scarrow PRAETORION signed £20

IN STOCK: Conn Iggulden CONQUERER signed 1 only...copies £19

IIN STOCK: Bernard Cornwell DEATH OF KINGS signed £20

IN STOCK: Harry Sidebottom THE CASPIAN GATES signed, lined and dated a few only £22

IN STOCK: M.C.Scott (Amanda Scott) ROME:THE COMING OF THE KING signed, lined and dated super books. £22

ALSO... Julian Stockwin CONQUEST signed numbered with signed postcard and leather bookmark one only left! £23

IN STOCK:Wilbur Smith THOSE IN PERIL signed £20

IN STOCK:Bernard Cornwell's superb THE FORT - already reprinted... signed first editions £18

IN STOCK: Saul David's second novel HART OF EMPIRE - signed copies £15

Julian Stockwin VICTORY - signed dated and numbered limited edition to only 500 copies with bookmark and signed card A FEW ONLY LEFT £20

The new Seth Hunter The Price Of Glory NOW in stock signed £20... a few only...

IN STOCK:Richard Blake THE BLOOD OF ALEXANDRIA signed, dated and lined the Roman Empire continues... £25 (one copy only left!)

IN STOCK:Grant Sutherland THE COBRAS OF CALCUTTA the decipherers' Chronicles new historical fiction excellent signed and in stock NOW £15

IN STOCK:Stuart McBride DARK BLOOD more murder and mayhem signed £16

IN STOCK:Stewart and Riddell WYRMEWEALD -RETURNER'S WEALTH from the creators of The Edge Chronicles - double signed £10

IN STOCK:Robert Lowe PROW BEASTS more Viking adventure signed £15

IN STOCK: Iain Gale ALLEMEIN first edition unsigned - this book was rapidly reprinted - £20.

IN STOCK:Lee Child 61 HOURS the new Jack Reacher signed £18

IN STOCK:Sean Thomas Russell A BATTLE WON sequel to the superb Under Enemy Colours unsigned £15

IN STOCK:John Wilcox THE SHANGANI PATROL signed, lined and dated £25

IN STOCK:John Wilcox THE SHANGANI PATROL signed, lined,numbered to only 70 copies and dated £30 Two only left...

In stock: Andy Mcdermott THE CULT OF OSIRUS a signed, dated and lined copy - a poular series this £30

IN STOCK:Alys Clare MIST OVER THE WATER double signed £20

IN STOCK:Anthony Riches WOUNDS OF HONOUR debut auther with a new Roman series set around Hadrian's Wall. Excellent and already reprinted. Unsigned only £15

IN STOCK:Cassandra Clark THE RED VELVET TURNSTONE a shining new light on the historical crime scene. An Abbess of Meaux Mystery. Signed with signed postcard £22

IN STOCK:Harry Sidebottom WARRIOR OF ROME, excellent second novel. Signed lined and dated - a few only £30

IN STOCK:Michael Jecks NO LAW IN THE LAND a Knights Templar mystery signed £20

IN STOCK: Peter James DEAD TOMORROW signed and lined the new Roy Grace novel £18

IN STOCK:Susanna Gregory A VEIN OF DECEIT signed A Matthew Bartholomew Mystery £19

IN STOCK:The Medieval Murders (Jecks, Gregory, Morson, Knight and Gooden) KING ARTHUR'S BONES unsigned but the hardcover is not common! A few only £18

IN STOCK:Rennie Airth THE DEAD OF WINTER the new John Madden Mystery signed £18

IN STOCK:Tim Severin SEA ROBBER signed £14

IN STOCK: Pat Mcintosh THE STOLEN VOICE signed £20

IN STOCK:Michael Connelly THE SCARECROW signed (best since POET!) £20

IN STOCK:Wilbur Smith ASSEGAI signed £20

IN STOCK:Lee Child GONE TOMORROW signed. This the true first edition preceding the US issue. A few signed only £25

IN STOCK:Paul Doherty The Darkening Glass signed £20

IN STOCK:Alys Clare Out Of The Dawn Light signed £20

IN STOCK:Iain Gale BROTHERS IN ARMS the new Jack Steele adventure signed £16

IN STOCK: Mo Hayder SKIN the new Jack Caffry thriller signed £18

IN STOCK:Raymond Feist RIDES A DREAD DRAGON signed £19

IN STOCK:Robert Low THE WHITE RAVEN the series continues! Signed £16 Signed! £18

IN STOCK:Saul David ZULU HART a super new historical action series. Signed £14

IN STOCK:G.J.Moffat DAISY CHAIN an exciting crime debut set in Glasgow signed £14

IN STOCK: Barbara Cleverly THE TOMB OF ZEUS a signed and lined copy complete with the original paperback published in the USA also signed and lined. £28.

JUST IN STOCK: Richard Blake THE TERROR OF CONSTANTINOPLE a few signed copies of the second book in this new and excellent historical series £14

IN STOCK:David Dickinson THE DEATH OF A PILGRIM signed 2 copies only. £20

IN STOCK:Ruth Brandon CARAVAGGIO'S ANGEL signed £19

IN STOCK:Tom Bale SKIN AND BONES an exciting crime debut set on the South Coast of England. Signed and lined and dated £20

David Roberts NO MORE DYING the latest Lord Edward Corinth and Verity Browne Mystery signed and dated £20

David Donachie THE ADMIRAL'S GAME the new John Pearce adventure signed £20

Christopher Fowler THE VICTORIA VANISHES the latest Bryant and May mystery signed £19

Julian Stockwin TREACHERY signed, numbered and stamped to only 500 copies complete with a signed postcard and leather bookmark. £30

Cornelia Funke's new novel INKDEATH. I will have a few signed cased hardcover copies of the limited edition at £35 each. These have been signed and numbered to only 1000 copies by Cornelia onto a bookplate. It is unlikely that the trade hardcover will be signed or any limited Uk editions flatsigned.

Marcus Sedgwick THE KISS OF DEATH signed £10

Seth Hunter THE TIME OF TERROR , an excellent new maritime series set at the time of the French Revolution... super production and well worth a read! Collectable I would think as the series progresses... great stuff! A few only signed £20

James Mcgee RAPSCALLION signed copies £15

Zoe Sharp THIRD STRIKE the latest Charlie Fox thriller beautiful signature! £21

Sebastian Faulks DEVIL MAY CARE the much heralded new Bond novel. Unsigned but complete with a set of miniature postage stamps published by Royal Mail to celebrate Fleming's centenery. £25

Garry Douglas Kilworth KIWI WARS - Fancy Jack Crossman is back... signed £22

Susanna Gregory THE DEVIL'S DESCIPLE the 14th. Bartholomew mystery. Signed £19

Peter Smalley THE HAWK signed, lined and dated. I have a very few of these! £26

Stuart Macbride THE FLESH HOUSE if you liked his other books you will love this one! Signed £13

Lee Child NOTHING TO LOSE Jack Reacher is back again, signed £18

Iain Gale RULES OF WAR - Jack Steele is back! Signed £15!

Patrick Lennon STEEL WITCHES second book from the author of Corn Dolls - one of only 100 signed, dated and numbered copies complete with an alternative dustjacket supplied by the authot - a few only £20

Mo Haydor RITUAL a signed copy £15

: Cormac McCarthy NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN first UK edition - one of the best movies I have seen in a long while and one of the finest books of the genre I have ever read! one copy only £35

Jack Ludlow (David Donachie) SWORD OF REVENGE signed £20

Manda Scott THE CRYSTAL SKULL signed £14

Bernard Cornwell SWORD SONG signed £20

Conn Iggulden LORDS OF THE BOW signed £30

Conn and Hal Iggulden The Dangerous Book for Boys Yearbook - lovely blue boards and all around super follow up to the Dangerous book. Unsigned £18

Kate Moss SEPULCHRE from the author of the very successful Labyrinth. Signed £19

Robert Harris THE GHOST a signed copy. £19

Stephen Booth: DYING TO SIN signed copy £17

Philip Reeve STARCROSS a signed by author and illustrator. £20


Michelle Paver OUTCAST - this super series continues... signed £10

Charlie Higson HURRICANE GOLD young James Bond - the signed stamped and numbered (to only 1500 copies) collectors edition. A couple only £20 each.

Ruth Rendell NOT IN THE FLESH the new Wexford. Signed £19

Robyn Young CRUSADE sequel to the popular BRETHRYN, Signed... a few only! £15

Raymond Khoury SANCTUARY from the author of The Last Templar. Unsigned only! Already into reprints... £14

Alex Scarrow LAST LIGHT signed £12

Here now from Darren Humby, the sequel to his excellent AQUINAS..


Darren is a great new talent and I have no idea as to why one of the major UK publishers has not yet picked up on the series while overseas publishers are already showing an interest! Oh well, glad I have a few to sell you...exclusive special signed, lined and numbered copies - orders being taken now, DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE....only three hundred printed... and a very few left in stock...£25 Signed, lined, dated and with a named character: £30

Simon Kernick SEVERED signed £14

James Lee Burke THE TIN ROOF BLOWDOWN the latest and possibly the best Robicheaux yet- set in the The Big Easy at the time of Katrina. This book will not be published in the UK until November. One SIGNED copy of a first US edition only in stock!. £25

Scott Lynch RED SEAS UNDER RED SKIES a few only, signed and scarce! £30

Steph Swainston THE MODERN WORLD signed with additional signed photograph of the author.. a very few only £18

Suzette A. Hill A LOAD OF OLD BONES - An Unfortunate Murder! signed £19

The Mulberry Twins NO SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES a debut and signed by both writers with additional pawprint stamp!!! £20

Susanna Gregory TO KILL OR CURE the thirteenth Bartholomew Chronicle signed £18

John Connolly THE UNQUIET signed complete with limited edition CD £18

Mary Hoffman THR FALCONER'S KNOT signed £12

Cornelia Funke IGRAINE THE BRAVE and uncorrected proof copy of Ms. Funkes new illustrated book. £20

Alastair Reynolds THE PREFECT signed copies - a few only £20

Joe Hill HEART SHAPED BOX the signed, slipcased collected edition one only £50

Ken Bruen's CROSS a few only £18

Steven Saylor ROMA signed his latest epic novel of Rome SIGNED £18

Robert Low - signed and lined, Vikings, excellent! THE WHALE ROAD £18


James McGee - signed THE RESURRECTIONIS £25

Martin O'Brien - signed JACQUOT AND THE MASTER £20

Chris Riddell OTTOLINE AND THE YELLOW CAT signed and with set of postcards tipped in. This edition exclusive to only one bookstore chain! £12

Suzanna Gregory BLOOD ON THE STRAND the latest Chaloner signed £19

G.W.Dahlquist THE GLASS BOOK OF DREAM EATERS excellent! Unsigned but with a special chapter sampler soft cover issued by only one major bookstore. £18

David Dickinson DEATH ON THE NEVSKII PROSPECT the latest Lord Powerscourt mystery signed £19

Michael Jecks THE MALICE OF UNNATURAL DEATH signed copies £20

Bernard Cornwell SHARPE'S STORY a forty eight page softcover booklet issued by only one major bookstore to celebrate the publication of Sharpe's Fury. Amust for Sharpe collectors. £10 inc postage.

Alexander McCall Smith AKIMBO AND THE SNAKES a delightful departure for this best selling crime writer - a children's story. Signed copies are not common £9

Darren Shan BEC the fourth in the series. A SIGNED cased copy , numbered to 666 only - a limited edition not generally available in bookstores. A must for collectors. The jacket has been Mylar protected in the case. Book comes complete with a promo chapter sampler of Conn Iggulden's new novel The Wolf Of The Plains....£25 a very few only...

David Roberts THE QUALITY OF MERCY signed £18

Bernard Cornwell SHARPE'S FURY a signed copy FURY complete with the very much sought after Waterstone's promo booklet Sharpe's Story. £25 a few only

Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell CLASH OF THE SKY GALLEONS the latest Edge Chronicle. This is a double signed copy of the limited edition issued by Waterstones containing a set of collectable postcards complete wit a double signed copy of the World Book Day special The Stone Pilot. - A very few only.. £20

Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell CLASH OF THE SKY GALLEONS the latest Edge Chronicle. This is a double signed copy £18

Julian Stockwin COMMAND latest in the Kydd series. This is a numbered, signed and embossed copy of only 1000 so issued and comes complete with a signed postcard of the jacket and a bookmark. £25

Martin Stephen THE REBEL HEART the latest Henry Gresham mystery signed £17

Diane Setterfield THE THIRTEENTH TALE a hot one! Signed £18

Caroline Lawrence THE CHARIOTEER OF DELPHI signed with bookmark £10

Frederick Forsythe AFGHAN signed copies a few only £19

John Le Carre THE MISSION SONG from the master storyteller, signed £19

David Gibbins CRUSADER'S GOLD from the author of Atlantis - uncommon in hardcover - signed copies £18

Susanna Gregory THE TARNISHED CHALICE a Matthew Bartholmew mystery signed £18

Tabitha Suzuma A NOTE OF MADNESS teen/adult excellent! Signed £11

Andrew Pepper THE LAST DAYS OF NEWGATE the first of a new series and a debut novel. Signed £10

Catriona McPhearson THE BURRY MAN'S DAY second novel from this exciting new writer Signed £18

Peter Temple THE BROKEN SHORE previously published in Australia this is the beginning I suspect of Mr Temple's venture into the world book market. Excellent read and well worth watching for future books. Unsigned only: £13

Jasper Fforde THE FOURTH BEAR signed with various postcards - larger uniform format version only £20

Marcus Sedgwick MY SWORDHAND IS SINGING 'In the dead heart of winter evil lies...' Do vampires really exist...? signed £11

C.C.Humphries ABSOLUTE HONOUR Jack is back, larger than life, better than ever! Uncommon in hardcover - a tiny nick in the jacket.. Signed copy£19

Jeanette Winterton TANGLEWRECK - her first venture I believe into teen fiction. Signed copies £14

JUST IN: A lovely signed and lined copy with postcard promo of David Roberts' BONES OF THE BURIED £120 one only with Hollow Crown promo card!

Denise Mina THE DEAD HOUR signed £15

If you would like AN EXCLUSIVE CD ROM FOR THE SERIES MADE BY THE SCARROW BOYS SIGNED BY SIMON please add £5 - a limited number only!

Liz Jensen MY DIRTY LITTLE BOOK OF STOLEN TIME excellent! signed £14

Eleanor Updale MONTMORENCY'S REVENGE signed £13

Nell Grey THREE MAGIC WOMEN prequel to the excellent The Golden Web - handwritten line and signed by Ms Grey - £22

Nell Grey THE GOLDEN WEB - three hardcover copies each copy signed with a lovely copperplate hand written line on the title page by Ms Grey - £25.

Nell Grey/The Golden Web
A FIRST EDITION first printing of a softcover copy SIGNED by the author on the title page with full signature and a quote 'My mind is wandering again" which is the first line of the book and an together an illustration. Issued as a paperback original , a very fine un-read copy , an interesting debut, great cover by the author and well produced all round.This is a story concerning Ellie, a little girl that speaks with the spirits of our ancestors...Witches and warlocks but from a completly different I smell another winner here? Only a thousand of the first printing so ...£10.00

Stephen Booth SCARED TO LIVE signed £14

Michael Jecks THE DEATH SHIP OF DARTMOUTH a signed copy. £20

Craig Russell BROTHER GRIMM hardcover edition signed £14

Zizou Corder LIONBOY - THE TRUTH signed by both authors and uncommon so signed. 2 copies only £20 each

Rosemary Rowe A ROMAN RANSOM signed and lined £20

The Medieval Murderers SWORD OF SHAME one you have been waiting for! Five of the greatest exponents of the genre and their second book together. Signed by all five authors (Susanna Gregory, Michael Jecks, Philip Gooden, Berneard Knight and Ian Morson) on the title page and offered together with a promotional leaflet which has also been signed by alll five - a true collectors item and there will be very few of these about in hardcover! £35

John Harvey DARKNESS AND LIGHT excellent UK crime signed £14

James Morrow THE LAST WITCHFINDER signed and stamped with a black cat familiar exclusive to fifty copies only. Excellent! £20

James Morrow THE LAST WITCHFINDER signed, dated and lined. Excellent! £25

Mark Billingham BURIED 'the past is a shallow grave!' signed copies £14

Paul Doherty THE SECRET LIFE OF ELIZABETH THE FIRST a mystery from the prolific author signed £18

Robert Crais THE TWO MINUTE RULE a signed copy from the best selling author of Hostage £13

Lionel Shriver DOUBLE FAULT from the author of We Need To Talk About Kevin winner of the Orange Prize For Fiction in 2005. Only published in softcover. Signed £11

Edwin Thomas TREASON'S RIVER - the nautical Flashman? Super double signed £18

Iain Gale FOUR DAYS IN JUNE a new take on Waterloo - excellent debut and signed £20

M. I. McAllister URCHIN OF THE HEARTSONE second book in the Mismantle Chronicles signed £13

D B C Pierre LUDMILA's BROKEN ENGLISH a signed copy £14

Mo Hayder PIG ISLAND a signed copy. £14

William Broderick THE GARDENS OF THE DEAD a signed copy £15 (also a few signed copies of The Sixth Lamentation at £30 each...)

David Hewson THE LIZARD'S BITE from the author of A Season For The Dead. Signed £14

Deryn Lake DEATH AND THE CORNISH FIDDLER the new John Rawlings mystery signed £20

Simon Beckett THE CHEMISTRY OF DEATH an exciting debut crime novel signed £15

Allan Mallinson COMPANY OF SPEARS now in stock and signed. £18

Matthew Skelton ENDYMION SPRING unsigned copy of an exciting new children's book - one to watch! £10

Valerio Massimo Manfredi EMPIRE OF THE DRAGONS unsigned only £10

Val McDermid THE GRAVE TATTOO her latest mystery signed £14

Edward Marston THE PARLIAMENT HOUSE a Christopher Redmayne Mystery. Signed £19

Dean Vincent Carter THE HAND OF THE DEVIL a superb crossover yarn from a new and exciting young talent. Stephen King look behind you! Signed £10

Chris Wooding STORM THIEF excellent stuff from a master of the genre... signed £14

Sarah Waters THE NIGHT WATCH from the author of Fingersmith! Signed £17

Charlie Higson BLOOD FEVER young James Bond softcover issue only unsigned £10

Susanna Gregory A CONSPIRACY OF VIOLENCE signed the new Chaloner mystery £15

Arturo Perez Reverte PURITY OF BLOOD the new Captain Alatriste adventure - unsigned only as author did not visit for publication £10

Zoe Sharp ROAD KILL the latest from this ace crime writer! Zoe has signed a few of these for me each with a different line above the signature. A few only £22.

FIRST EDITIONS, first printings of three novels comprising THE MYTHS. A Short History of The Myth (Armstrong), The Penclopiad (Atwood)and Weight (Winterson). All first editions, and signed, slipcased and numbered to a limited edition of 1500 copies with an introductory signed booklet by Philip Pullman.. A super collectable item that quickly vanished from the shelves and the listings...There is a small paper peel on the back of the case hence the reduced price! £100

Steve Augarde CELANDINE sequel to the super Various. Signed copies £18.

Cornelia Funke INKSPELL the true first back in stock, signed £18

Alys Clare GIRL IN A RED TUNIC the latest Hawkenly Mystery and Alys has kindly signed in both names for me! £20.

George R.R. Martin A FEAST OF CROWS book four of Song of Ice and FIRE signed and a very few only £30

Philip Pullman NORTHERN LIGHTS, THE SUBTLE KNIFE and THE AMBER SPYGLASS three lovely hardcovers in first edition thus published to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this noteable trilogy - a few sets only £35

Joshua Mowll OPERATION RED JERICHO a super children's mystery an all round excellent production in pictorial boards as issued. One for the collection? £10

Joanne Harris GENTLEMEN & PLAYERS signed and a very few only £20

Terry Pratchett THE CARPET PEOPLE a signed, slipcased and numbered edition limited to 1000 copies only. A fine book in like case and dust jacket £25 - a last few only!

Chris Wooding an uncorrected proof copy of his new book STORM THIEF fine £20

Julian Stockwin TENACIOUS a signed and numbered copy one of only 1000 so numbered and signed. A few only... £18

Blue Balliett illustrated by Brett Helquist CHASING VERMEER a hardcover copy, a fine book in pictorial boards as issued, a double-signed unread copy. Signed by both the author and illustrator and complete with promo wraparound band and lovely red laced bookmark. One of only a few so signed copies and first of a series...£20

Elizabeth Kay JINX ON THE DIVIDE a hardcover copy, a fine book in fine folding pictorial boards as issued. Latest in this stunning children's series , super production and signed copies are uncommon. £13

Martin O'Brien JACQUOT AND THE ANGEL - the book everyone is waiting for, sequel to Waterman and a knock out! A few signed and lined copies with post card. £22

Christopher Fowler SEVENTY-SEVEN CLOCKS...A FIRST EDITION first printing of a hardcover copy, a fine book in a fine dustjacket, an unread signed, dated and numbered copy. This is one of only 77 so numbered copies with a clock stamp bearing the number of the copy offered - these numbered books are exclusive to only two UK booksellers.The new Bryant and May detective mystery from the author of Full Dark House. Excellent, a series to watch! £18

Minette Walters THE DEVIL'S FEATHER a signed copy of the latest from Ms Walters....'Have you ever wanted to bury a secret so deeply no one will ever find out about it...? Signed copies are not common! £18

K. D. Lathar THE CHANGELING a very small printing of only 500 copies, excellent, and this price will only be held for a short while...signed £45

G.P.Taylor TERSIAS from the author of Shadowmancer and boldly signed on the title page. £12

Cliff McNish SILVER WORLD book three of the trilogy signed £10

Hal Duncan VELLUM - The book of all souls...a stunning debut. Signed £20

Sally Gardner I, CORIANDER a super children's book set in the 17th century - adulats will love it! signed £10

Deryn Lake THE GOVERNOR'S LADY signed in both real and pen name a few only £20

Phillipa Morgan CHAUCER AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOOD WOMEN More historical murder and mayhem signed £19

David Lee Stone THE SHADWELL SHENANAGANS book three of The Illmoor Chronicles. Signed £11

Sophie McDougall ROMANITAS the one they are all talking about. 2 only Signed £18

Stephen Booth THE DEAD PLACE the latest from this highly respected author. Signed £13

Simon Kernick A GOOD DAY TO DIE signed £12

Debi Gliori DEEP WATER signed with a star motif. Excellent series this £11

Garth Nix DROWNED WEDNESDAY the series continues - softcover only as issued signed £8 inclusive of postage...

Eleanor Updale MONTMORENCY AND THE ASSASSINS Signed with bookmark £13

Steph Swainston NO PRESENT LIKE TIME second book in the series signed £10

Robert Carter THE GIANT' DANCE sequel to the brilliant The Language Of Stones - ' £14.00

Gwyneth Jones BAND OF GYPSYS excellent! Signed £18

Isabel Allende ZORRO a new take on the bandit with a nifty line in graffiti! £17

Craig Russell BLOOD EAGLE a special signed and numbered copy one of only so signed and numbered £75

Eoin Colfer THE OPAL DECEPTION unsigned only with super bookmark £13

David Hewson THE SACRED CUT a signed copy £10

Paul Doherty THE SEASON OF THE HYENA a new historical mystery from this prolific author - where does he find the time? Signed £19

Richard Morgan WOKEN FURIES signed (I apologise in advance for the poor signatures in these books which appear to show a complete lack of interest on behalf of the author - compare this scribbled line of Morgan to the majestic sweep of Wilbur Smith or George Fraser, men who really care for their fans!) £10

Isobel Hoving THE DREAM MERCHANT super bejewelled boards without wrapper as issued, only 500 signed so quite uncommon £22

Stewart and Riddell CORBY FLOOD double signed £10

Philip Gooden AN HONOURABLE MURDER signed £17

David Wishart FOOD FOR THE FISHES £19

Rosemary Rowe ENEMIES OF THE EMPIRE signed £19

Wilbur Smith TRIUMPH OF THE SUN signed £20

Martin O'Brien JACQUOT AND THE WATERMAN - the book everyone is talking about! Only 800 hardcovers printed many of which went to libraries or elsewhere, certainly a difficult book to find and one that will probably become quite collectable a little further down the line. Great production and an excellent read! I have a few signed copies offered with a postcard of the attractive dust jacket at £150. (1 only left post free within the UK)

Allan Mallinson AN ACT OF COURAGE latest in the Matt Hervey series about The Light Dragoons. Signed £18

Tom Bradby THE GOD OF CHAOS signed £14

Stuart Hill THE CRY OF THE ICEMARK a signed hardcover and a super book! Should do well. This is the long awaited signed, numbered and slipcased edition with green endpapers and limited to only 1000 copies £15 complete with pictorial bookmarka very few left in stock!

THE CRY OF THE ICEMARK trade edition signed with bookmark £12

John Wilcox THE ROAD TO KANDAHAR sequel to The Horns Of The Buffalo a signed, copy £25

Chris Priestley REDWULF'S CURSE A Tom Marlowe Adventure sequel to Death And The Arrow and The White Rider signed £11

Anthony McGowan HELLBENT his first teen book! Hell isn't quite what this teenager expected it to be! Signed £12

Clive Woodall SEVEN FOR A SECRET sequel to his great debut Two For Sorrow. This is a signed and numbered hardcover limited edition to 100 thousand only and is offered here together with an unsigned first edition of the previous book. £40

Ron Mclarty THE MEMORY OF RUNNING a big hit in the US and already reprinted here in the UK. Signed £10

Peter Lovesey THE CIRCLE a biblio whodunnit? Signed £18

Catherine Shaw FLOWERS STAINED WITH MOONLIGHT from the author of Three Body Problem her debut last year. Excellent and signed with a flourish for me! £19

Peter Dickinson THE WIDOW AND THE KING sequel to The Cup of the World and second book in the trilogy. Signed £13

C.C. Humphreys THE BLOODING OF JACK ABSOLUTE signed with limited edition signed postcard (prequel to the excellent Jack Absolute) £11

Manda Scott BOEDICA - DREAMING THE HOUND signed, book three in this super series. £14


Jonathan Stroud THE AMULET OF SAMARAKAND special cased, signed and numbered edtion available only from one major chain! £50 (one copy only)

Michael Jecks THE CHAPEL OF BONES signed £18.

Vanessa Wagstaff and Stephen Poole AGATHA CHRISTIE A READERS COMPANION double signed, a lovely book packed with info and lovely illustrations, a super present for every Christie fan.... 1 only £20

David Roberts THE MORE DECEIVED latest from this interesting writer unsigned £25


Philip Pullman THE SCARECROW AND HIS SERVANT the latest from this award winning writer signed £15

Michael Lawrence SMALL ETERNITIES Book Two of The Aldous lexicon likely to be a very collectable series signed £25 (I have a few signed copies of the fist part of the lexicon A Crack In The Line at £45.)

Stephen Donaldson THE RUNES OF THE EARTH a lovely production and an excellent read! First book in a new series £19


Cornelia Funke DRAGON RIDER cased, signed, numbered complete with pictorial bookmark. Only 500 in this cased edition. £50 last few only.

China Mieville IRON COUNCIL signed, cased and numbered 1 to 1000 £45 (a few only)

Clive Barker ABARAT - BOOK TWO with lovely signed bookplate as author was not over for publication. £10

Keith McCarthy THE SILENT SLEEP OF THE DYING signed £18

Charmain Hussey THE VALLEY OF SECRETS £20 (double signed by author and illustrator a few only)

John Connolly NOCTURNES complete with signed additional short story CODA signed and signed postcard £15

Alexander McCall Smith THE SUNDAY PHILOSOPHY CLUB signed £15

Susanna Clarke JONATHAN STRANGE & MR NORRELL unsigned £18

Susanna Clarke JONATHAN STRANGE & MR NORRELL cased, numbered and signed an edition limited to only 1450 copies £175

Georgie Hale/HEAR NO EVIL from the author of Tread Softly a few signed copies £20

Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell FREEGLADER the latest in the Edge Chronicles and double signed at £13

Stephen Booth ONE LAST BREATH signed £10.00

Gillian Cross THE DARK GROUND £10

Michael Connelly THE NARROWS signed £10

Simon Kernick THE CRIME TRADE signed £10

Caldwell and Thomason's THE RULE OF FOUR - taking the market by storm! a very few copies still in stock! £20

Gregory David Roberts SHANTARAM a signed UK first very scarce £80

Paul Watkins THUNDER GOD £10

Ruth Dudley Edwards CARNAGE AT THE COMMITTEE signed £10

Michael Jecks TOLLS OF DEATH signed a few only £15.00

Robert Ryan's Night Crossing signed £10.00

Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell's FERGUS CRANE double signed Smarties Gold Award winner at £12.00

IN STOCK Eleanor Updale's Montmorency On The Rocks sequel to the hugely successful Montmorency. Signed £12.00.

...and the latest self-publishing venture to hit the roof...Unearthly History by P.R. Moredun (Alistair Mitchell) I have a few to offer at £18.00 each.

William Nicholson's new adult novel The Society Of Others signed £15.00

Also now in stock...

***Michael Johnston Brideshead Regained a sequel to Waugh's masterpiece! £15.00 in stock signed.

Cornwell's SHARPE'S CHRISTMAS two Sharpey shorts in one softcover and first time in book form...signed at £10.00 each.

Mary Hoffman's Stravaganza City Of The Stars signed and here NOW! £14.00

Caroline Carver's DEAD HEAT signed copies at £16.00

:Barbara Cleverly's stand alone novel AN OLD MAGIC published by The Suffolk Press with a limited printing of only 400 signed and numbered copies - a super production £40.00 each. I have a feling this book will become quite collectable as Ms Cleverly progresses...Her latest book The Damascened Blade is signed and in stock at £18.00 complete with a postcard bookmark of her previous novel Ragtime In Simla...