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Highlights and selected titles from the back catalogue -
a few you might have missed!

Some of these prices differ from those on ABE so be sure of receiving the discounted price, quote Catalogue SIOUX when ordering from this highlights page! Pullman, Molloy, Pratchett, Rankin, Cornwell, Muhammad Ali, Nicholson, de Bernieres and many others, too good to miss!!!
Updated 22nd. February 2007

Welcome to the HIGHLIGHTS and back catalogue page.
Listed below are some of the previously owned highlights of the bookroom and a few new books you may have missed in the shuffle....All are FIRST EDITION/FIRST PRINTING and in excellent condition….

Louis De Berniere/ A fine first edition in similar dust jacket of The Troublesome Offspring of cardinal Guzman in excellent condition with the merest hint of colour to the page block £130.00

ARTEMIS FOWL by Eoin Colfer FIRST EDITION FIRST PRINTING of a FINE book in a FINE dust jacket, an unread hardcover copy. SIGNED by the author to which he has added the line: 'Stay back human!' A super book in every way and rapidly gaining world-wide attention. 'Stay back, human, you do not know what you are dealing with...' A twelve year old criminal mastermind in a stunning and witty debut adventure. Don't miss out on what I am certain will become a very collectable book! Now into many reprints... This copy comes complete with competition slip as issued and a bookmark. £250.00 price net.

I do also have a signed and doodled set of Debi Gliori's super books where Pure Dead Magic is not a first but the other two are! £150.00.

MUHAMMAD ALI - A THIRTY YEAR JOURNEY by Howard L. Bingham and published by Robson Books, a first edition hardcover in fine/fine condition. Signed by both the author and Muhammad Ali on a ladi in bookplate on the half title. A real collector's item, a pictorial story of the career of probably the finest boxer the world has ever seen and certainy the most entertaining! £150.00

IAN RANKIN - Let It bleed a fine copy £350.00

GEORGE R.R. MARTIN'S A Game Of Thrones book 1 of A Song Of Ice And Fire. A FIRST EDITION of a hardcover copy, a near FINE book in a FINE dustjacket. Book 1 in A Song Of Ice And Fire...generally accepted as the world first edition with a very small printing making it a very collectable item. The page edges are very slightly blushed with colour with one tiny bump to the bottom edge. The book has been read several times I would guess giving a slight looseness to the boards - it is however an excellent copy of an extremely rare book and is offered at a net price. £400.00.

**Mick Herron's exciting debut crime thriller Down Cemetery Road signed £15.00

Marious Brill's delightful MAKING LOVE signed £18.00 back in stock complete with proof cover which differs slightly than of the published wrapper and promotional postcard.

Eoin Colfer's ARTEMIS FOWL AND THE ETERNITY CODE Puffin SIGNED complete with sample chapter booklet, and softcover of The Seventh Dwarf and bookmark £25.00. In stock

Stephen Booth's BLIND TO THE BONES Harper Collins signed £18.00 In stock

Highly recommended

Julie Hearn's debut Follow Me Down signed £18.00

Raymond Benson's DIE ANOTHER DAY a novel based on the latest BOND blockbuster movei. Signed bookplate loosely inserted, a few only £30.00. IN STOCK

ALSO IN STOCK: very few copies of The World Is Not Enough the Benson book of the previous Bond movie. Super books and at a super price of only £25.00.

Remember Me by Sarah Diamond - the third novel from this promising young writer. Signed and dated copies of the less common hardback - there is a simultaneous trade paperback publication - are now in stock. SIGNED £12.00

When J.K.Rowling penned the Harry Potter books and the result
met with such a financial success, publishers suddenly became aware
that children's books were not necessarily read - or written for
that matter - by children alone. Adults grabbed them greedily, read them
very carefully, kept them away from the little nippers and then stashed them
on a shelf where, in many cases, their value increased by leaps and bounds.
Money aside, the good thing was a rash of really excellent books aimed
at younger readers but written 'up' with wit and humour enjoyed by
adults as well. Here are a few…sadly some of them are already very
expensive in first edition. Oh, crocodile tears, why do I shed you…

Cleverly, Barbara: RAGTIME IN SIMLA/Constable. last few in stock £18.00
Sequel to the super The Last Kashmiri Rose. There is a
SPECIAL little extra with this one, a signed and inscribed (best wishes in Urdu) limited edition postcard of
the super jacket!

Conway, Anthony: The General's Envoy, The Colonel's Renegade, The Viceroy's captain and The Brigadier's Outcast /Hodder & Stoughton. The complete set of turn of the century hero John Caspasian series - hansome books and a cracking read. £80.00

SPECIAL...Fforde, Jasper: LOST IN A GOOD BOOK/Hodder & Stoughton. The year long wait is now over for the sequel to the super debut novel The Eyre Affair - it was well worth the wait and Mr Fforde does not let you down. Thursday Next is back on the case...There are some giveaway postcards but not as many as with the first book (about one in every three or four sported a giveaway). One bone on contention is the signature and Mr Fforde has made it quite clear on his great web site that there are several versions and ALL are his! One customer doubted the signature on a book I sent him so I referred him to the site and, since then, silence...But it all comes down to trust in the end between the bookseller and the customer. Jasper kindly signed my books for me over coffee and ginger beer on a sunny morning in a little bistro in Hay On Wye and he did a few Mk 1s as well as the new one and if that confuses I am sorry! Guaranteed, 100 percent, dyed in the wool, original genuine Signed copies complete with upgrade sticker and leaflet! (two only) £50.00 each.

SHARPE'S GOLD by Bernard Cornwell 1981 Collins. A near FINE book
in a FINE dust jacket. An early Sharpe and in excellent condition, a nice bright
copy! £250.00.

Bloomsbury 1999
. A very FINE book in a very FINE dust jacket, an unread copy
of the so called second state with J.K.Rowling on the imprint page, the corrected
text and with the complete string of numbers 1 thru 10. Getting harder and harder
to find! £300.00.

THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH by Raymond Benson Hodder & Stoughton
An unread hardcover copy of a FIRST EDITION with a signed bookplate
loosely inserted. The James Bond mystery based on the movie of the same name.
A very attractive book of a small print run - 2,750 - and out of print long before
publication day! £25.00.

Colfer Eoin: ARTEMIS FOWL and the ARCTIC INCIDENT/Hyperion
This copy is a signed copy from the USA and is the true world first edition
preceding the UK version by a month.. Signed. £30.00

Hutson, Shaun: HYBRID/Little Brown the latest from the UK master of the genre -
signed copies £15.00

Burgen, Thomas: WALKING THE LIONS/Constable.
A classy literary crime thriller debut set in Europe's hippest city, Barcelona where
crimes of the past return to haunt the present. Signed. £15.00

Booth, Stephen: BLOOD ON THE TONGUE/Harper Collins.
Another sure-fire winner from the award winning author of Black Dog and
Dancing With Virgins. Limited to a very small hardcover printing of only 750 copies.
Signed. £40.00

Stephen, Martin: THE DESPERATE REMEDY/Little Brown.
Another excellent historical fiction debut! Henry Grisham and the Gunpowder
plot is an assured first novel. Signed. £17.00.

Hooper, Chloe: A CHILD'S BOOK OF TRUE CRIME/Jonathan Cape.
One of the best debuts of the year so far and already short-listed for a major prize.
The title is a misnomer and though you may find many a reprint - the
firsts having rapidly vanished - tucked away in the children's section of a
bookstore as I did recently, it is not a children's book. Hard edged crime penned
with flair by a young Australian writer! One of the best dust jackets of the year
as well… (unsigned copies £10.00) Signed £15.00

Charlotte Haptie/Otto And The Flying Twins/Hodder Children's. A knockout design with pictorial cutaway boards and without jacket as issued. Signed copies are scarce! Signed copies £35.00
With signed bookplate £15.00

Breslin, Theresa: REMEMBRANCE/Doubleday.
SIGNED and dated day of publication. Already into reprints, this super book
from Carnegie medal-winning Ms Breslin deserves, and may well get,
considerable recognition further on down the line. 'Summer 1915, and the
sound of guns at the Western Front can be heard across the Channel in England...
and in the village of Stratharden, the Great War has already begun to
irrevocably alter the course of five young lives...' Much more than a book
about or for young it and remember. Signed copies are
not common…£15.00.
igned. £125.00

Just a few of the current highlights from the back catalogue. Check out the full inventory through catalogue
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